Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Install Football Manager 2012 on Ubuntu

You can successfully install and run Football Manager 2012 on Ubuntu with play on linux wine application.

The following are the basic requirements.

1. Football Manager iso/DVD.
2. Ubuntu OS
3. Wine
4. Play on Linux

1. Install Wine on Ubuntu. Please click here
2. Install Play on Linux from this URL

Play on Linux configuration

  • Open Play on Linux aplication
  • Click Install button
  • Click on the link install a non-listed program. A new manual installation wizard pops up.
  • Click next, then select the option "install a program in a new virtual drive". Click next
  • Enter the name of the virtual drive
  • Do not select any options on the wine configuration wizard and click next
  • Wait till the application creates a virtual drive for the installation
  • Browse to the setup file from ISO or DVD.
  • Continue the game setup as normal.
  • Install directx and Microsoft .Net framework
DirectX installation

  • Open play on linux application
  • Click on the FM and select configure button
  • Select Install packages tab and search for directx9
  • Download and install directx9
Open terminal and install stress

$ sudo apt-get install stress

once the installation is complete

$ stress --cpu 8

Leave this terminal open till the game finishes. Need to open this stress window whenever you play FM

Open another terminal and navigate to to your Football Manager installation folder and type

$wine fm.exe

That's it. Enjoy !!!!